A new version of the OnePlus Launcher has been spotted in the wild, and it includes a few interesting tweaks. In addition to a new AMOLED black Shelf card background, this latest update also allows for hiding icon labels if you're after that super clean look. Lastly, the updated app harbors some secrets that reveal a Verizon OnePlus 8 might be in the works.

Launcher tweaks

Slightly different content, but you can see the change in the color in the latest version (left).

The two most immediately noticeable tweaks are the new genuinely "AMOLED" 100% black background cards get in the Shelf. As before, they still have a gray border separating them.

Left: No labels. Center: Smallest icon size on the last version. Right: New smallest size.

You can also disable app labels in the launcher's settings now. When toggled, the option will remove the text labels you're used to seeing beneath app icons and named folders, though the bottom-most, persistent row of apps never had them.

The minimum icon size also saw a slight bump in size. It's a small but visible change, and probably one that some folks won't be too pleased by.

This latest version (which goes by the extra chonky v4.3.3.200305171227.6224c1b) is likely rolling out in recent OxygenOS updates/beta releases, though you can also download it now over on APK Mirror. Keep in mind recent versions of the OnePlus Launcher require Android 10.

Teardown reveals plans for Verizon OnePlus 8

In addition to the visual changes noted above, the folks at XDA Developers dug up a few details mucking around the app's code. A handful of strings make it clear that OnePlus is developing some specific tweaks, like a folder of carrier apps, that are triggered on a Verizon-specific version of an upcoming phone. In fact, the OnePlus 8 is specifically named in connection with these changes.

"OnePlus8VZW" seems pretty clear. Image via XDA Developers.

An upcoming NFC-based system for unique wallpapers may also be in the works. Details are sparse based on what's in the app right now, and it seems to be in active development, but it could allow OnePlus customers to activate new wallpapers via NFC tags. Those might be found in cases, or this could be something the company plans to do to promote the phone at events, or they might have some other use in mind. Right now, there are three different wallpapers activated via this method.