Microsoft has offered a remote desktop solution for Android users for many years. For the past 5 years give or take, the company also gave it a companion beta app for users on the bleeding edge to test out new features. As of this month, though, the Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta app has been deprecated in favor of the new Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview app — now in early access.

Users of the existing Beta app will have gotten an update over the weekend that, in addition to changing the title of the app to Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta (Deprecated), produces this splash screen upon opening.

They would then be moved over to the Play Store listing for the new Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview app which is touted to have as many of the same features as the old app — multi-touch and gesture features, audio and video streaming —  except for an additional feather to its hat:

Redirect your clipboard and local storage.

You can grab the new app by clicking on this link first to join the early access group, then downloading it from the Play Store. Or, you could not bother with propriety at all and sideload via APK Mirror.

Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop
Price: Free

Here's the old app, just for your reference (APK Mirror).