Are you a data hoard? Do you have a thousand dollars lying around? Do you want two months of YouTube Premium for free? The last question notwithstanding, you're probably on the fast track to get an unlocked 1TB Galaxy S10+ from Samsung right the heck now.

When it launched the Galaxy S20 series of smartphones, Samsung promised it would also keep the S10 series in production and cut prices by $150. And if you're wondering how much you'd be losing out between the S10+ and, say, an equivalent S20+, the answer is "not much." You'd be gaining a headphone jack, out of luck for 5G, and would see just a few different design flairs that would come down to personal preference.

The current MSRP for a 1TB S10+ is $1,450, but for a limited time and while supplies last, you can get one for $500 off at $950 direct from Samsung. That's the first time we have been able to catch a U.S. unit retailing for three digits — to be fair, Pocketnow reported a $999.99 sales price from B&H back in December, but we do stress the importance of significant digits around here.

The company is also bundling in two free months of YouTube Premium for ad-free viewing and pumped up mobile amenities. You also have the option to trade in a device for further discounts and finance your purchase over 36 months.

As the Ceramic Black color is sold out, we only suspect that you have a limited window to grab a White unit. Good luck.