Celebrations for the festival of colors, Holi, are on in the Indian subcontinent, with Google also partaking in its own way. The company’s digital take on the festivity includes an Easter egg on its search results screen that lets you splash the entire page with paint. After you’re done creating a multicolored mess like a kid (which is actually fun), an option will help you clean the screen and carry on with your dull day as if nothing happened.

You can access the Easter egg by searching for the term “Holi” on Google Search, which will present you with a colorful Holi doodle on the results page. Tapping the color bowls in the Knowledge Graph card will enable the Easter egg, after which, you can tap (or click) anywhere on the screen to get more similar splashes. After a few smudges, a waterdrop icon will appear, letting you clear those stains and re-enable the search links. This works on all platforms, including desktop, mobile web, and the Google app for both Android and iOS.

The hidden trinket can be accessed on all Google Search domains without the need to be specifically on the Google India website. It should remain active until March 10—the final day of the festival.