With a few exceptions, most flagship phones these days have an IP rating that guarantees a certain level of water resistance (note, not waterproofing). Warranty service is always a question, but that explicit rating is usually enough to impart a bit more confidence should you need to use it during a spring storm, or if it falls into a puddle. But, I've got a feeling that's not all our readers might use it for. This might seem like an oddly specific question, and it is, but: Have you ever used your phone in the shower?

No judgment. If you have, you've got your reasons. I've had mine. You might be in the mood for some impromptu music during a post-gym cooldown, or maybe you just can't put down that book/article you've been engrossed in.

Whatever the reason, even if it clearly isn't the smartest thing to do, some of us have done it. Has a summer weekend shower beer come with a bit of light reading, or is this one gamble you just aren't willing to make?  For this poll, just having your phone in the bathroom doesn't count. This is phone-touching-water in the shower itself, not sitting on your bathroom counter as you lean out to tap something.

Have you ever used your phone in the shower?

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