We've got a couple of quick new features to run through on the YouTube Android app that will hopefully make sorting your subscriptions out easier as well as help you better control your playback experience. Let's get to it.

The first thing we'll get to is a feature that the YouTube app itself calls out as new: the scrollbar at the top of the subscriptions tab now lets you filter to only see new videos from that channel.

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Tapping on the All button will show you a list of all the channels you're subscribed to from which you can access their channel pages individually. That's not changed. However, for some people, tapping a channel right from the bar will result in the feed below filtering down to show videos just from that channel. For most users, that still leads to the channel page. It may be a fussy little A/B issue that gets ironed out... eventually.

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The Android app now also has a new toggle for its Accessibility player. When you enable that, you can decide how much time playback controls remain on-screen before they automatically disappear — options range from 3 to 30 seconds — or opt to not have them leave the screen at all, even if you tap the display. If you're on Android 10 or later, YouTube can defer to your system-level accessibility settings for Time to take action.

If you don't see these features, check back later on the Play Store for an update or on APK Mirror now.

Filters official

The tap-to-filter feature in the Subscriptions tab is now official and seems to be widely rolling out. I can see it on several of my and my friends' devices.

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