Remember the Nike+ tracker device for shoes from the mid-2000s that could record your physical activity when paired to an iPod? Google appears to be working on a similar device, and it has struck a partnership with Adidas and Electronic Arts to make it happen.

Google's Advanced Technology & Projects group, creators of the Project Jacquard smart clothing technology, is teasing a product announcement for March 10th. ATAP's Instagram page has a cryptic video trailer showing off a device slipping into a shoe insole, with branding for Adidas and Electronic Arts' FIFA Mobile game at the end.

Leaked images of the product packaging claim the device will pair with an Adidas GMR application, available for Android and iOS, which in turn can connect to the FIFA Mobile game. "The more you play in real life, the better your FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team becomes," the package reads.

This definitely seems like it will be a strange product, but that's what we've come to expect from anything using Jacquard — anyone want a backpack with motion gestures?

Adidas GMR released

The product has finally come to fruition as the Adidas GMR, a pair of insoles with a Project Jacquard tag that tracks soccer activity and links those stats with Electronic Arts's FIFA Mobile game. Learn more about that here.

FIFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer
Price: Free+

adidas GMR
adidas GMR
Developer: adidas
Price: Free