Google's Play Points scheme are meant to get you spending on anything and everything in the Play Store with the hopes that a freebie every so often will keep you engaged and open you up to something new. But if you're already paying out for Google One cloud storage, the company will further reward your buying with a big upgrade. And if you aren't, you've still got plenty of time to get that bonus.

Google One members who spend $10 a month for 2TB of cloud storage are receiving notification that they've been automatically upgraded to the Gold level — third out of a possible four — for earning Play Points.

This means for every dollar spent on a Play Store purchase (apps, in-app purchases, music, movies, books, and more), they earn 1.2 points. They also get big multipliers for purchasing certain promotional items in a given week as well as a weekly free prize of up to 200 points. In turn, those points can be turned into credit towards more Play Store purchases or converted to cash for charitable purposes.

Anyone who enrolls in the 2TB plan through November 30 will be eligible to redeem Gold status in the Play Points section of the Play Store app by December 31. Members will be able to keep Gold status through the end of 2021 as long as they also keep their cloud storage at that level.

Google has been enriching One membership with benefits such as discounts on hotels and rebates on Google Store purchases.