Samsung put out its phones. We've put out our review. You've yet to make a purchase decision. It's okay. If you didn't pre-order a Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra, don't worry: depending on which retailer your prefer, you may have greater incentive to buy a shiny new 5G phone today. We've got the details on all the sweeteners these brands are offering to get a shiny new slab in your hands.

The basics

If you need to get your bearings straight in terms of what models are offered at which MSRPs, we've got that taken care of — including how that price breaks down into 24 monthly payments.

  • 128GB Galaxy S20: $1,000 ($42/mo.)
  • 128GB Galaxy S20+: $1,200 ($50/mo.)
  • 512GB Galaxy S20+: $1,350 ($56/mo.)
  • 128GB Galaxy S20 Ultra: $1,400 ($58/mo.)
  • 512GB Galaxy S20 Ultra: $1,600 ($67/mo.)

Plenty of places offer two-year financing at zero down and zero interest, but there are always exceptions. We'll confront them when we get there.

The carriers

For the sake of not wasting your time, we're covering the five major postpaid carriers in the United States (or four plus one, if you make that distinction). We'll point out the promos and list what you'll need to do to be eligible for them. You should presume any discounts you see to be doled in monthly credits throughout the term of a device installment plan or lease.

It'll take a little bit of time before the prepaid ones come into play — AT&T's Cricket Wireless is due to get an S20 model or two, for example. Plus, a lot of the postpaid MVNOs that are offering the devices like Xfinity Mobile aren't really stacking up their bennies.

AT&T (S20, S20+, S20 Ultra)

  • Up to $300 for a trade-in device
  • $700 off a 128GB Galaxy S20
    • It needs to be paid off through AT&T's 30-month installment plan
    • You'll also need a new line...
    • ...and be on an unlimited data plan
      • If you're a new customer, your plan must be priced at $75/mo. or above
      • Existing customers can use any unlimited plan on offer and some older ones minus the $45 Data Unlimited plan
  • Get a big discount on an S20+ or S20 Ultra
    • $1,200 if you switch and port your number over
    • $500 if you're just upgrading
    • You'll need an eligible, working trade-in device with a minimum appraisal of $60
      • iPhone 7 or later
      • Galaxy S8, Note8 or later
      • Galaxy A50
      • Pixel 2, 3, 3a (XL)
      • LG G8, V40, V50
      • Moto Z4
      • Razer Phone 2
      • RED Hydrogen One
      • OnePlus 5 (what?)
    • Plus a new line...
    • ...with an unlimited plan ($75/mo. up for new customers)
  • $50 off the Galaxy Buds+
    • Just purchase a pair along with an S20 device before April 2

Sprint (S20, S20+, S20 Ultra)

  • $750 off on any S20 device
    • You'll need to put it on a lease
    • And get a new line
  • Get a Galaxy Watch Active2 for half-off ($215)
    • You'll need to put it on a 24-month payment plan
    • And get a compatible wireless plan for it

As we're talking about Sprint structures, remember that this company uses 18-month leases for its phones (not for other connected devices, though, hence the 24-month plan on the Galaxy Watch). You'll pay the same amount per month as you would for a 24-month term, but come the end of the lease, you have the choice of either returning the phone for the ability to upgrade or pay off the device with 6 extra monthly payments or a single lump sum equivalent and own it.

T-Mobile (S20, S20+, S20 Ultra)

  • Up to $1,000 off a second S20, Note10, or S10 series device via monthly credits
    • Existing customers must add a line, new customers must open two lines
    • Both devices must be paid off on a 24-month equipment installment plan
      • If the device of lesser value is priced under $1,000, you'll get credits to cover only its price

If you're going all out, keep in mind that T-Mobile will require down payments in addition to 24-month financing for two models: $150 down and $50 per month for a 512GB Galaxy S20+, and; $200 down and $58 per month for a 512GB Galaxy S20 Ultra.

U.S. Cellular (S20, S20+, S20 Ultra)

  • $1,000 off any S20 device
    • You'll need to switch your number over
    • Trade in an iPhone 8, Galaxy S9, or newer device
    • Pay your phone off over 30 months

The super-regional carrier plans to launch 5G in 10 cities across Iowa and Wisconsin sometime this year.

Verizon (No S20, just S20+ and S20 Ultra)

  • Verizon will waive its 5G access fee of $10/mo. with any S20 purchase on an unlimited plan
  • $150 off an S20+
    • You can get this paying in full or through financing, but the discount will come in monthly credits
  • $200 or $300 off any Galaxy S20 series device
    • Trade in an eligible device
      • The list is too long to put in this article and split into $200 and $300 tiers
      • The iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, Pixel 2, Pixel 3a, LG V40 are examples in the $200 tier
      • The iPhone 8, Galaxy S9, Pixel 3 and 4, and OnePlus 7 Pro are some entries in the $300 tier
    • This offer can work with the above deal for the S20+
  • Get $1,050 off a second Galaxy S20 series device
    • You'll pay both phones down over 24 months
    • You'll also have to add a line with an unlimited data plan
    • This offer can be stacked on top of the first deal (but not with the second)
  • All customers who buy an S20 with an unlimited data plan get a free 6-month subscription to budding 5G streaming game service Hatch

The retailers

If you'd rather get your phone away from the networks, the big box stores and Samsung itself have some value for you, too.


The site is still running its pre-order era promo, offering no discount, but free Galaxy Buds (not the newer + version, the older, but still alright ones) and a Duo wireless charging pad. Unfortunately, the bundle isn't available for the S20 Ultra as of writing and, if things continue to sell, it won't be available for the other phones, too.


No discounts here and, even as sales are supposed to begin today, its S20 product pages are still in pre-order mode as of writing.

Best Buy

The tech-focused big box chain is offering unlocked, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon units with up to $700 in credits fora trade-in device (most phone that are a year or two old will cost out around $400 or $500) and an extra $150 off upon activation. Every model is also getting a $150 instant discount on top of that minus the unlocked S20 Ultra which only gets $50 off. Best Buy is also mirroring deals from AT&T and Verizon.


The company itself is also selling phones compatible with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon as well as U.S. unlocked units. It, too, is offering up to $700 on trade-ins and is now bundling 4 months of YouTube Premium for free with an S20 purchase. You can finance your device over 36 months at zero interest.