Everyone is moving to video, and that includes news aggregator Flipboard. Today the company has announced that it's releasing a new service called Flipboard TV to supplement its existing video efforts. It will run $3 a month (following a free trial) and include curated video content across a variety of topics from over 100 publishers. Only a handful of folks can enjoy it at launch, though, as Flipboard TV will also be a timed exclusive for the Samsung's brand-new Galaxy S20 when it lands on March 6th.

In case you're somehow unfamiliar, Flipboard is a news aggregator with an Android app showing content from a wide variety of outlets (including us). It offers customization as well as curation when it comes to interests and sources, and almost all the big names participate. It's also integrated into a handful of launchers/home screens, so some of you are probably familiar with it even if you don't specifically know what it is.

More than 100 publishers will be participating in Flipboard TV at launch. Big-name partner video sources will include Variety, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, US Weekly, and Rolling Stone, plus some regional news outlets including KCRA (Sacramento) and WESH (Orlando), among others.

The service is set to launch March 6th for $3 a month, though you get your first three months free. It will also be a Galaxy S20 exclusive initially, coming to other devices later.

Right on schedule, Flipboard TV is going live today. Well, for those of you picking up a new Galaxy S20, at least.

The service features curated videos grouped into 16 categories, ranging from news to food to tech.