Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform has been picking up steam recently, launching its second first-party studio, giving players a way to download their screenshots/videos, and rolling out 4K support for gaming on the web. Keeping that momentum rolling, the Stadia team has announced that two first-person puzzle games —Relicta and The Turing Test — will be coming to the platform soon.

Relicta is a first-person puzzle game that allows players to use a combination of gravity and magnetism to explore the Chandra Base on the Moon while also trying to rescue the main character's daughter. Not much else is known about Relicta, since it is a brand new title that is currently not available on any gaming platforms. When it does launch this year, it will be coming to Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC by way of Steam.

Also a first-person puzzle game, The Turing Test takes place on Jupiter's moon of Europa. You play as Ava Turing, an engineer for the International Space Agency (ISA) who has been tasked with uncovering why the crew stationed there has suddenly disappeared. The Turing Test has been available on Xbox One and PC since August 2016, Playstation 4 since January 2017, and a Switch version landed just last month. Between the four platforms, The Turing Test has an average 76% Metacritic score and a 6.2 user score, designating it as a "mixed or average" game by reviewers.

As with most recent Stadia announcements, there isn't a set date on Relicta and The Turing Test; they will simply be available to purchase "soon." Nevertheless, content is one of Stadia's weakest points right now, so it's nice to hear about any new games that are coming to the platform.