The internet is good for a lot of things like sharing photos, keeping in contact with distant relations, and preserving that dumb thing you said five years ago so it can come back to haunt you later. According to Twitter, that last part might keep people from tweeting as often as they'd like, so it's testing a feature called "Fleets" in Brazil. Fleets are basically Twitter's version of Snapchat Stories.

Twitter has apparently been working on Fleets for more than a year, but it's unclear why it took so long—a lot of what we're seeing is identical to Stories. The Twitter app shows user icons at the top when a user has posted a new Fleet. You can open them to view and post emoji reactions from the Fleets UI. You can also reply in text, which opens a Twitter DM. The key allure of Stories is here, too: all your Fleets vanish after 24 hours.

There's not much middle ground with Stories and similar features. You either love the more casual and open nature of self-destructing messages or you hate the fleeting approach to social interaction online. There are enough people using Stories on Instagram and Facebook that Fleets at least have a shot at becoming a popular feature. Keep an eye out for Fleets in your Twitter client in the coming months.