Google will shortly be rolling out a slightly updated version of the latest Android 11 Developer Preview. We're told there aren't any user-facing changes or new features in this upcoming version, merely a handful of developer-targeted tweaks meant to fix a few issues they may have run into as they update their apps to support the new platform.

Tweaks in Android 11's "DP 1.1" include a fix for an exception that sometimes occurs for foreground location permissions, temporary relaxation for some "greylist" restrictions for OkHTTP and related SDKs, a fix for a fatal exception thrown by the built-in phone app, and a tweak to Gradle that allows NDK apps targeting Android 11 to built successfully (rolling out via Android Studio).

Again, we're told there aren't any new features in this update. While we'll dig around to be sure, we likely won't see much in the way of coverage regarding changes present in this version.

Full release notes are available here, and it looks like OTA image and factory image downloads have both been updated (based on a recent change in filenames).