In recent years, OnePlus has always launched its regular series around May/June and its improved T lineup around October/November. It looks like the company wants to switch things up a bit this time around, as TechRadar cites a source claiming OnePlus intends to present its next flagship mid-April this year.

TechRadar says that "a source close to the company" revealed that the OnePlus 8 series is supposed to launch in the second week of April. This move could be aimed at Samsung and other competitors that usually release their devices earlier in the year — OnePlus might want to move up the date permanently to position itself better against them. The OnePlus 8 series could just be the right vehicle for that — it's rumored to come with long-awaited features such as wireless charging and a 120Hz display.

If the TechRadar report turns out accurate, you could also see the move as a return to OnePlus' roots. The company launched its first phone on April 23, 2014. OnePlus also plans on sharing some "surprise" today, as hinted on social media, but it's supposed to be neither a phone nor even a commercial product, so stay tuned.