One of the best things about Android is that you can choose from a multitude phones in many different form factors. Unfortunately, that's the reason accessory makers have a hard time keeping up with so many designs, and as a result, they often don't bother to support more than a select few models. Moment has been in this position for quite a while and regularly hears requests from people that want to use the lenses, but can't get a case for their model of phone. Now Moment is introducing an adjustable clip with a mounting bracket suitable for use on most smartphones and tablets.

The Moment Lens Mount clip is an aluminum frame that fits over the edge of your smartphone. On one side is a thumbscrew that can be used to tighten it down so nothing moves once it's in place, and the other side holds a sliding plate with a lens mount. It's padded at the contact points so your phone won't be damaged.

The clip should fit most phones under 10.75mm thick, and the sliding plate can reach cameras as far as 39mm from the edge (measured from the center of the camera). It might also work with some phone cases, but only if they are flush with a camera bump and don't protrude beyond the phone screen.

Moment is clear that a phone case with a mount is always preferable to the clip. With a case designed for your phone, the lens mount will always be perfectly aligned with every rear camera, but the clip will require some fiddling to get it lined up. If the alignment isn't nearly perfect, there may be some distortion and vignetting on an edge of the image.

The clip happens to open up some additional ways to use lenses, like mounting a lens on the front-facing selfie camera of a phone, which could be great in combination with the wide angle or fisheye lenses. And as the video below demonstrates, you can also slide it onto tablets or the webcam on a laptop.

The lens mount clip is available for pre-order from Moment's online store for $29.99, and it's expected to begin shipping near the end of March. There's also a model for the O-Series lenses (the older model with a different mount design), but this is only for people that have one of the early model lenses.