OnePlus knows how to conjure hype out of thin air. Back when it introduced its first phone, it unveiled one hardware feature after the other without spending a cent on traditional marketing, and even these days, the company loves teasing new products and has us speculate what they could be. Enter its latest announcement. OnePlus India and UK both have tweeted a teaser video that shows off a ... strange device, for lack of words.

In the video, you can see something that looks like an industrial, possibly cubic instrument in pristine condition. It might be a lathe or mill shot in closeups. It's likely that what we see here isn't the finished product OnePlus wants to present, but an insight in some early production stages — otherwise, it would be quite a move away from the company's regular products like phones and TVs. From what is visible in the teaser, the imagery we see is certainly reminiscent of watchmakers' tools, filmed ultra close with a macro lens. There have been some light rumors that OnePlus is planning a smartwatch of some sort, so the thought that the company might work on a hybrid smartwatch that involves mechanic parts doesn't seem too outlandish.

Of course, with the inconclusive footage at hand, it's still hard to tell what it is. It might as well be a camera or speaker, as lenses and membranes are also typically round. OnePlus itself says it's neither a phone nor even a commercial product, so it could end up being a concept you can't buy, though the teaser footage shows way less orange than the company's previous non-commercial device.

After posting the video, the company added a few images that offer some more high-res glimpses at the OnePlus machine/speaker/camera/thing that are equally hard to understand. Whatever the company wants to announce, we'll know more tomorrow.