Chromebook owners can redeem a lot of freebies through Google, but the problem is that many users never realize these offers exist or stop checking after they redeem the first batch. That's why we like pointing out newly-added perks to remind you to grab them before it's too late. The two latest additions are for gamers: the excellent Stardew Valley and an IAP in Lineage 2.

Stardew Valley is a super popular $8 farming simulator with excellent updates, no additional IAPs, and what seems to be a very addictive gameplay that should be a perfect time-sink. Lineage 2 is a much more disappointing port of the PC game with lots auto-play and even more IAPs. At least you're getting one of those $20 in-game items for free with your Chromebook, so you can check it out without paying. Plus, it's compatible with 120Hz displays so it may be a nice way to test the spiffy screen of that new phone you just got.

To redeem the offer, you need to head to the source link at the bottom of this post from your Chromebook and check what's available. The freebies are only offered for those who bought a new Chromebook within the last 180 days. They may also be limited by country, but there's no harm in trying your luck to see what you can get. A support page explains some of the additional requirements.

Besides these two games, you'll find free Google One storage, as well as some perks we've highlighted before. The Disney+ deal isn't available anymore, nor are the Star Wars: KOTOR and Asphalt 9 bonuses.