Picture-in-picture, or PIP, is easy to take for granted when the majority of services and devices have supported it for years. But for those of us using Chromebooks, that's not the case. Hardly any apps or services supported it at all until Google released a Chrome extension last January that allowed you to trigger PIP with a keyboard shortcut. It was a start, but having to activate it manually each time was a pain. Thankfully, PIP will now work as it does on Android if you're using Netflix.

Google hasn't specified which version of Chrome OS is required for this to work, but I can confirm it's working on Chrome OS 81 Beta. The Netflix app doesn't need any updates either, as it's had PIP support for Android for quite a while. To check if this feature is live for you, start a show on Netflix, and switch to another window. Your show should carry on playing in the corner of your display.

In the same blog post, Google revealed that Ambient EQ is coming to more Chromebooks. Ambient EQ adjusts the white balance and color temperature based on current lighting conditions so that your content looks natural. Ambient EQ will first debut with the Galaxy Chromebook in a few weeks, and Google informs us we can look forward to its presence on additional Chromebooks in the future.