AT&T started testing its new streaming TV service in a few markets last year, but now you can sign up anyplace in the US. AT&T TV includes dozens of channels split up into multiple service tiers, and there's a custom Android TV box to access it all. However, AT&T is running this offering more like a traditional cable subscription than a modern streaming service. That means contracts and price bumps.

AT&T TV is essentially the company's future replacement for DirecTV, which continues to bleed subscribers. It focuses more on the live TV experience than other streaming services, making it feel like a traditional cable setup. When you turn on the Android TV box, it boots up the channel you were last watching. You can channel surf or use the guide to find content. AT&T TV also comes with 500 hours of cloud DVR storage.

Since this is Android TV, you can install streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu on your AT&T box. There's also Google Assistant built-in, and the remote has a button for quick access. If you want to watch something that doesn't have an Android TV app, the box also has Chromecast support.

AT&T requires a two-year contract to sign up for the service, but that includes the box. The base channel tier starts at $49.99, but only for the first year. After that, it's $93. You can see all the channels on each tier on AT&T's site—they all go up in price by a similar amount after the first year. If you cancel before the end of your contract, you'll have to pay $15 for each month remaining. There are, however, some discounts for those who also have AT&T mobile or internet service. These restrictions probably won't attract many cord-cutters, but people still using traditional cable and satellite services might make the jump.