Smartphone prices have always been on the rise, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra just smashed right through the thousand-dollar barrier, bringing a mainstream flagship to $1,400. Our budgets and means might vary, but objectively speaking, that's a lot of cash for a smartphone, and not the sort of thing too many folks can afford. With money on our mind, we're curious to know, what's the most you'd consider spending on a smartphone?

The Galaxy S20 Ultra might seem insane to some of us at $1,400, but it isn't even the most expensive high-end phone in recent memory. The Galaxy Fold cost over two grand with tax. In comparison, the base Galaxy S20 starting at $1,000 almost seems cheap. And even outside Samsung's massive sphere of influence, flagship phones almost all cost upward of $800 these days, outside exceptions like OnePlus. Prices at the highest end are certainly on the rise.

There are also ways to spread costs out, like carrier financing or leasing plans, which are still a popular choice for many compared to the up-front brunt of purchasing outright. If you are willing to wait a bit for a deal, you can also get even a late-model flagship at a good value, and LG's flagships are known to drop in cost fast. Even outside the very top of the market, mid-range phones are still affordable and very good these days.

As we look forward to the rest of 2020's upcoming phones, are you considering an upgrade this year? If so, how much would you consider spending on your next phone?

What is the most you'd pay for a smartphone?

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