Since most podcasts start with a jingle and a small intro, possibly even ads, several podcast players have implemented a skip feature that lets you avoid those. You set up a specific duration per show (anything from a few seconds to a couple of minutes) and the app will automatically jump over that part and start playing. Pocket Casts is now adding a similar option, but for outros.

Go to any show, tap on settings, and look for the new Skip last option. It's been added in the latest beta v7.8.1 of Pocket Casts. You'll need to manually specify the number of seconds to skip, so you have to start by monitoring each show's episodes and see how long the final ads, recommendations, music tracks, etc... usually last. Make sure you choose a smaller number, though, because you don't want the app to move to a new episode (and possibly archive/delete the one you were playing, depending on your settings) before you listen to the last few seconds.

Left: v7.8.0 stable. Middle & Right: v7.8.1. beta.

This release we've spent time fixing and refining all those small things that bug you, or that you've emailed us about. Hopefully you find some things in this list that where your pet peeves. Nothing would make us happier than resolving them and making your life just that teency bit better!

- Implemented a new Skip Last feature, where you can skip things like outro songs you aren't into automagically
- See release notes in app for bug fix details

To test this out, you need to be on the latest Pocket Casts beta, which you can get by joining the official program here.

In stable

The feature has now rolled out to the stable channel of Pocket Casts. You don't need to be using the beta to try it. Thanks, Matej!

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Pocket Casts - Podcast Player