Google is on a rampage to transcribe anything that generates speech on its Android platform in real-time. For most Android phones, users can transcribe voice memos with Live Transcribe. Pixels, though, can get system-wide transcription with Live Caption. So, where's the next step forward? Maybe it's with Duo messages.

Software leaks blogger Jane Manchun Wong posted a couple of screenshots of some app settings in an unreleased version of Google's video chat app. One of them just illustrates a design tweak of the privacy settings while the other shows a new message settings menu.

It appears that you'll be able to save video and voice messages as well as other text and visual media to your system storage with one toggle. The other toggle allows Google to process (but not keep) the audio content of messages so that you can see captions.

Keep in mind that we're not talking about calls, just recorded clips — transcribing any decent volume of real-time audio will take tons of server power.

As with any of these leaks, we're only looking a snapshot in time here, so expect things to change by the time they officially launch... if they officially launch — code being more ethereal than durable goods, it's easier to cancel new features than a smartphone.