The Shazam app was Apple-fied with prominent Apple Music tags and links for your identified songs soon after the tech titan completed its acquisition back in 2018. But still, it could only connect to the Spotify app for exchanging your playlists, but not Apple’s own streaming app. That's changing now as Shazam has added the option (currently in beta) to link your Apple Music account for a similar cross-app integration.

Pressing the settings cog on the Library page in Shazam will show you the option to connect with either of the two popular music streaming services. Clicking the Connect button next to Apple Music will take you to its app, which must be installed on your phone for the feature to work. You cannot proceed unless you have an active Music subscription, without which, you’ll see an error screen. Linking the two will allow for easier sharing of the entire playlist of your identified songs, saving you from the hassle of handling each song individually.

The feature appeared for our tipster on the Shazam app version 10.19.0-200221, which is already rolling out via the Play Store. Meanwhile, some users rocking an older version of the app also saw the option pop up in Shazam's settings menu.

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