If you noticed your Nest camera systems were on the blink yesterday, February 24, you weren't alone. A widespread outage affected a large number of users and caused cameras to completely stop working, which is naturally very concerning for people who rely on them to help them feel secure in their homes. Thankfully, all should be back to normal by now.

Google Nest VP Rishi Chandra posted a statement on the company's community support site apologizing for the outage during which cameras were unable to record video and no live streams could be accessed. He confirms that a fix has been rolled out that should ensure all Nest cams are back in full working order, but warns users that no video history was collected during the downtime.

Chandra's team is still investigating, but he says that the cause was a "scheduled storage server software update that didn’t go as intended." They'll no doubt work hard to make sure there's little chance of this happening again, but as with any system of this complexity, occasional outages are probably inevitable. More details will be shared with customers, if relevant. If you're still having an issue, be sure to contact Google Nest Support.

As a consolation present for the server outages, Google is now sending out $5 refunds for Nest Aware customers to cover the time when recordings were not being backed up properly. Keep an eye out for an email from Nest if you were affected.

Nest automatically refunding $5 back to Nest Aware subscribers from Nest