As a Bay Area-based website, this story might be a bit inside baseball to a lot of you, but screw it, Silicon Valley is The Best Valley. And if you work around here, you probably know what parking at a BART station lot is like — if you're not on the EZ Rider program, it's rather time-consuming. Fortunately, the official BART app has just been updated to support in-app payments for Daily Fee parking at five stations right now.

The app already supports payments for BART's Early Bird Express bus routes as well as from Carpool to BART participants. But from today, users can now pay for Daily Fee parking at Antioch, West Oakland, Hayward, South San Francisco, and El Cerrito del Norte stations. You'll need to create a profile in the app and associate your Clipper card number in order to be able to park at those stations.

After you lock up, open the app, input your stall number, then link a credit card, PayPal, or Venmo, and pay for the spot. You must then use the Clipper card associated to your profile to pass through the faregates. BART states it enforces a time limit in the app to ensure that only its riders are using its parking lots.

You can check on your payment history and see if there are any warnings against your account. Warnings may be issued if you don't use your Clipper card at the turnstiles after you pay for parking.

The transit agency expects to phase in Daily Fee parking payments through the app to more stations with all of them supported by the end of the year. No timetable yet on when the app will also support permit payments.