If you're using Google Image Search in any serious capacity — say, to fill a slideshow up with helpful, relevant visual media — then you may be somewhat concerned with the dimensions of the pictures you're finding (that is, how well a picture will blow up). However, the search engine company will soon deprioritize this information in favor of showing you other parameters.

The Google SearchLiaison Twitter account has posted that Image Search will begin emphasizing the content that's associated with the images in search results through small icons — recipes, videos, blog posts, or even media available for licensing. The company is currently still working to avail a new licensing tag for image results.

Mousing over those icons will show more details about that content instead of the dimension information you currently get. Those numbers will now only show after you click on the image to enlarge the information display.

This tweak should be fully rolled out by next week. If you don't already use an alternative resource, Wikipedia has a good list of them, particularly in the public domain realm — honestly, it's how we at Android Police get by sometimes.