In the era of connected speakers that can independently pull online content and even talk to you through voice assistants, Bluetooth-only party speakers have still managed to hold their own. In case you worried that the market wasn't already brimming with enough such speakers, you've got a new option now from Ultimate Ears, countering the likes of JBL PartyBox — called Hyperboom, the speaker is UE's biggest offering to date.

The Hyperboom joins the long list of portable speakers that Ultimate Ears makes under Boom and Blast brandings, latter of which is reserved for WiFi-enabled options. The new splash-proof (IPX4) entrant has a boxier design with all its control options sitting on the top. You can connect it with up to two source devices over Bluetooth (remembering up to eight), while wired connections also remains an option, thanks to the included 3.5mm audio-in jack and optical interface.

The 13lb Hyperboom houses a battery rated for up to 24 hours and charges using its AC adapter in about 2.6 hours. It has a USB-A port to charge your handset while it streams the music. You can use the companion Boom app to control the speaker, set the equalizer levels, and connect two Boom speakers for a stereo effect or add more to create a chain.

Priced at $400, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom can be preordered right away both from its official website and on Amazon. It will start shipping from March 16 with a 2-year brand warranty.

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