Netflix has long shown you lists of popular content on its app's home screen, but so far, you could never see how exactly titles in those ranked. The company is looking to change that as it has announced that it's starting to roll out top 10 lists of most popular series and movies across all platforms and form factors.

The top 10 chart comes in the form of a new side-scrolling carousel with a unique design that puts huge numbers next to film and TV show covers, indicating which position they take in your country's ranking. When you head to the TV Shows or Movies section of the Netflix app, you'll also see the most popular ten titles in each of these categories.

Titles that are part of these top 10 lists will also receive their own "Top 10" badge, visible anywhere they show up on Netflix (like your watchlist or while searching), so you can easily see which movies and TV shows are currently hot.

The top 10 banner.

The company shares that the top 10 lists have been in testing in the UK and Mexico for the last six months and are now rolling out more widely across all form factors and platforms. You'll have to check your app to see if it's already available to you — it could take a while until it reaches everyone. You can get the application over at APK Mirror, too.

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