Whether you're traveling abroad, reading a menu at your favorite foreign restaurant, or trying to muddle your way through a foreign language class (guilty), Google Translate is a lifesaver when it comes to deciphering words and phrases outside of your native tongue. What it hasn't been able to do, however, is sync information between multiple devices, though that is about to change. With an upcoming service update, users will be able to save their translation history to their Google accounts.

According to a popup window on the Google Translate site, the history feature within Translate will soon be reserved only for users who are signed into their Google accounts. Once the change goes live, users will be able to save all of their translation history over time and manage this feature from the My Activity portal.

Google also warns that any current translation history you have cached to your device will be removed after the change goes live, so if you want to save any of this information, you should do so manually now. There is no official word on when this change will go live, but with Google already flashing warning popups, it's likely to be soon.