The Nest Hello video doorbell is an excellent product—it's one of the few smart home products that have genuinely improved my life. As with anything that relies on server-side features, it doesn't always work perfectly. Google appears to have broken the doorbell's Quiet Time feature after doing the same thing just a month ago.

Quiet Time on the Nest Hello lets you quickly mute your doorbell for a predetermined length of time between 30 minutes and three hours. Currently, that selection doesn't stick, and the doorbell continues making noise. The same thing happened about a month ago because of a problem on Google's end. That one took about a week to fix.

There's a support thread on Google's forums about the issue, as well as a Reddit thread with numerous confirmations. I can also confirm Quiet Time is busted on my doorbell. This doesn't seem like the kind of feature that should work without an easily broken server-side component. Feel free to complain in the support thread—one of the "community specialists" said the team has not received reports from other users about this. I would wager that has changed.

A Google rep has replied in the support thread with some news.

Update: We’ve identified the cause and are working on the solution. Please hang in there as we continue to work on it — we appreciate your patience.

So, the issue is acknowledged and someone is working to fix it. Hopefully, that means a shorter outage this time and no more repeats.


Our own Artem and at least one person on Google's support forums confirm that the issue is now fixed and Quiet Time is working again for them.