HTC hasn't released a new flagship smartphone since the poorly-designed U12+ in mid-2018, and the company's most recent budget device was last year's Exodus 1s (which shipped with Android Oreo). HTC doesn't seem to be done with phones quite yet, as it plans to produce a 5G device sometime this year.

Yves Maitre, the recently-appointed CEO of HTC, said in an interview that the company will release a 5G-connected phone sometime in 2020. Even though HTC hasn't released any 5G phones yet, the company did produce a portable 5G Hub last year for multiple carriers. Maitre didn't reveal any other details about the planned phone.

While it sounds like the 5G phone would be produced in-house, there's also a chance it could be developed through another manufacturer using the HTC name. A new line of HTC Wildfire devices was released last year, but the devices were built by China-based InOne Smart Technology.