It would appear that many people are greatly anticipating the release of Eve Echoes, and even though we still haven't heard word-one about an official release date for the sandbox MMO, it would appear that development is now delayed thanks to the coronavirus. As of this morning, the official Eve Echoes account on Twitter has stipulated that the COVID-19 epidemic has "hindered the developer's schedule," and while an official release date has yet to be decided, the game is expected to be launched at the end of 2020.

Above you'll find the image posted to the Eve Echoes Twitter account this morning, and as you can see, development has been delayed. Of course, it's nice to know that that the game will arrive sometime before the year is out, despite this delay, though I would imagine eager fans will be slightly disappointed. So if you're interested in new details as they come to light, you can always follow the official Eve Echoes social media accounts, as the above image suggests, or you could simply follow our coverage since I highly doubt this will be the last time we write about the upcoming launch of Eve Echoes.

Of course, if you'd like to pre-register so that you'll receive a release announcement on the day Eve Echoes arrives, you can always do so through the Play Store widget linked below. This way you won't have to keep tabs on the game to ensure that you'll know when it's out.

EVE Echoes
EVE Echoes
Developer: NetEase Games
Price: To be announced