The first Android 11 Developer Preview landed just last week, bringing the adventurous an early taste at Google's (currently incomplete) vision of the platform's future. Even with a handful of known issues and limited device compatibility, we know our readers: Some of you have probably already installed it. Whether you're waiting for a more stable release, or just hoping your phone gets in on the later betas, are you going to try the Android 11 previews this year?

In case you aren't familiar, part of the Android development cycle these days includes early public releases, giving developers more time to fix any issues with their apps or explore new features. The first version Google releases is usually and intentionally a bit harder to install — so average folks don't end up jumping into an unstable experience — but if history is any indicator, later Beta Program releases will make things easier, and expand to support way more devices.

Right now, I'd strongly urge most of our readers curious to try Android 11 to wait for a later release. Bug reports are pretty numerous, and more anecdotally, I've run into a few problems with standby battery life and notifications. But if you are willing to send good bug reports, have a spare Pixel 2 or later, are familiar with ADB, and don't need to worry about stability (or troubleshooting if/when things go wrong), the bleeding edge can be fun to play with.

So are you planning to check out Android 11 early? If not, you can always catch up with our feature-level coverage in the meantime.

Are you going to try the Android 11 previews this year?

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