There was some concern that the Galaxy S20 series might drop the microSD card, just as it dropped the much-loved headphone jack, but thankfully those rumors didn't pan out. All three variations of the S20 — the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra — all come equipped with a slot for microSD cards. That means you can add up to 1TB of additional storage to any S20 device, giving you more space for apps, movies, photos, and other data.

If you're not sure which microSD card is best for your device, we've compiled a few recommendations here. Even in 2020, there's still a massive variance in the durability and performance of SD cards, and no one wants to deal with corrupted files or slow transfer speeds.

Best value: SanDisk 256GB Extreme A2

If you're just looking to add a decent amount of storage to your Galaxy S20, SanDisk's 256GB Extreme A2 card is probably the way to go. You get plenty of additional space, and the 'A2' branding means it offers the best possible performance for apps stored on the card. The ~$50 price point is a good value for everything you get.

Even this high-performance card will still be slower than your Galaxy S20's blazing-fast internal storage, but until A3 cards hit the market (or there's some revolution in storage that makes microSD irrelevant), this is the best you can do.

Storage king: Samsung 512GB EVO Select

If you just want a lot of storage, and you don't really care that apps installed to the card might run slower, Samsung's 512GB EVO Select card might be for you. It's slower than the above-mentioned SanDisk card, but it can still store offline movies, music, photos, and other data just fine.

Money is no object: SanDisk 1TB Extreme A2

The Galaxy S20 supports microSD cards up to 1TB in capacity, and if you want to put that claim to the test, this model from SanDisk is one of the few 1TB microSD cards on the market right now. Not only can it hold a lot of data, but it has the same A2 performance rating as the first microSD card in this guide, so apps will run fairly well on it too.

The catch is that the card is very expensive⁠ ⁠ — over $250 on Amazon, as of when this guide was published (or $370 from Best Buy). Still, if you really need 1TB more storage with your Galaxy S20, this is what you should get.