Last November, Wyze announced that person detection would disappear temporarily, due to, a third-party service provider, terminating its contract with the smart home company. Wyze quickly responded with intentions to create an in-house replacement but gave no timeline beyond some point in 2020. While we're still waiting on broad availability, person detection has already returned for at least some users in alpha testing.

A few days ago, Wyze released a roadmap that confirmed progress towards the development of this new person-detection solution, listing the feature as being in the alpha stage, but up until now we had not received any direct reports from users.

It's unclear whether the new AI powering person detection is operating on-device like's version, or on the cloud. Either way, Wyze promised in November that this would continue to be a free feature, and it would appear that it's staying true to that statement.

Person detection v2 is very much in its early stages, so don't expect it to be perfect, or appear for most testers anytime soon. Our tipster says that there have been no false positives so far, but it doesn't always recognize when someone is there. Still, seeing this feature reappear so soon after disappearing is a good sign that Wyze is making solid progress.

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