Google’s popular mapping service turned 15 last week, and the company marked this occasion by face-lifting the Maps app and giving it a chic new icon. As part of this redesign, the app did away with the sliding hamburger menu and replaced its three-tab navigation bar with a five-tab one, which retained the Commute option. Within days of the general rollout, Google is now testing a tweaked UI where the Commute tab has been swapped for a new Go tab, as well as adding a bunch of new functions to these menu options.

Left: Old Commute UI. Right: Commute under the new Go tab.

To be clear, Commute hasn’t gone anywhere; it just now sits inside the Go tab as a sub-menu in the scrollable top bar, keeping all its functionality as-is. The menu's options are broken down into Destinations, Lines, and Stations and Stops, which play their respective roles.

Destinations is the default screen that appears when you tap on Go and is exactly like the current search bar options. The other two give you an overview of public transport routes and lines around your current location, for which you’re required to enter the destination in the older UI. As for some minor tweaks, the tiny icon for the Go tab is also different from the one for Commute.


Top: Old Commute icon. Bottom: New Go icon.

This design appears to be a limited trial that has so far surfaced only for a handful of Maps users running the newest version 10.35.2. You can get this build from the Play Store or APK Mirror, but that still won't guarantee the new tabs view, as it appears to be a server-side switch.

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