Chrome flags are a nice way to try new things in the browser without really breaking anything. A couple of taps and you get new features, a few more taps and you revert them if they don't work for you. A new flag worth trying has appeared in Chrome Canary. It's basic, but handy: It makes sharing web pages a one-click affair.

You can find the flag at chrome://flags/#share-button-in-top-toolbar. Set it to Enabled, then restart Chrome. I had to kill the app twice and restart it to get it going, so keep that in mind if it doesn't immediately work. This flag adds a share button between the URL bar and overflow menu in the top toolbar. So instead of going to the menu then tapping Share or tapping the URL bar then the share button, you can do it straight away. Sure, it's saving you one tap, but I'm a fan of everything that speeds up my daily workflows on my phone.

This flag also fixes the silly change introduced with the latest Duet interface: You can now keep the tab switcher in the bottom bar and get the share button in the top one. It's better than having to pick one or the other.

The flag is available on Chrome Dev, but it doesn't seem to be functional there. It's working for us on Chrome Canary v82.04064, which is available from the Play Store and APK Mirror.

Chrome Canary (Unstable)
Chrome Canary (Unstable)
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