Whether you're keeping an eye on your property or spying on your devious baby, Anker has you covered. The company's Eufy home security set comes in a wide variety of camera types and bundles, and today five of them are on sale for Amazon's Deal of the Day.

The security cameras on sale today come in two types: the eufyCam E and the eufyCam 2C. The 2C is the more high-end camera, featuring a higher weather-resistant rating, human face detection, a spotlight, and 6 months of battery life. The eufyCam E doesn't have face detection or a spotlight, but it does feature a full year of battery life, anti-theft protection, and a wider field of view.

If you have a baby that's up to no good, the Spaceview S Baby Monitor is also on sale, boasting a high-capacity rechargeable battery, secure networking, two-way audio, and night-vision technology.

The eufyCam E comes in a bundle of one, two, and three cameras, while the eufyCam 2C is only on sale in a three-pack today.