Google recently revealed that its upcoming developer-focused I/O 2020 event would be held from May 12-14, but tickets were not yet available. If you've been waiting to register for the event, now's the time, but tickets are unfortunately as expensive as ever.

Just like last year, general admission to the event costs a hefty $1,150 — that's 115% the price of a Galaxy S20, for those of you keeping track at home. Paying for the ticket places a pre-authorization charge on your payment method, and if you're not chosen to attend the event (applications are chosen at random), the charge will be released within seven days.

If you're a full-time student, professor, or staff member at a school, you may be eligible to purchase an Academic ticket instead. That one only costs $375, but you'll need to bring proof of documentation that you are student/faculty to the event's check-in center. You also can't convert a general admission ticket to an academic ticket later (or vice versa).

You can register for a ticket at the link below. There's no rush to get your ticket, since applications are chosen at random, and you have until 5PM Pacific Time on February 25th to apply.