Google has been working on showing your credit cards and passes in the long-press power menu since before the stable release of Android 10, and over the last year, we've gotten hint after hint that the company might launch the feature soon. In the first Android 11 developer preview, further evidence pointing to an imminent release has surfaced as Google is working on adding support for third-party applications.

The Android Developers documentation describes a new QuickAccessWalletService class. It details a "Quick Access Wallet" that "allows the user to change their selected payment method and access other important passes, such as tickets and transit passes, without leaving the context of their current app." While the website doesn't mention the long-press power menu itself, previous evidence makes that the most likely place for the wallet. Either way, the addition of this class makes it plausible that we could see this quick access to cards and passes surface in Android 11 at a later time.

The old Android 10 developer preview animation teasing the power menu wallet feature.

The documentation further explains how a third-party app other than Google Pay can hook into this system feature. The application in question must be your default NFC payment application as per the Tap & pay section in the system settings. Before you can use the quick access wallet, you'll also have enable it in Settings, but that option is nowhere to be seen in the first developer preview.

If you're someone like me and juggle between Google Pay and loyalty card apps during checkout, this quick wallet could probably make your life much easier. Let's hope Google finalizes the feature in time for the new Android release — the company has been working on it long enough.