Wyze just formally revealed a timeline for a handful of upcoming smart home products, including an outdoor camera, doorbell camera, and an updated, in-house version of person detection following last year's loss of the feature. Most of the products the company talked about were already on our radar, but now we have dates for the Wyze Lock and more firm plans regarding other teased products.

Only some of the products have dates attached (detailed below), but this gives a sense of relative progress.

The upcoming Wyze Lock, long-anticipated and already available in an Early Access sale, will formally launch on February 25th. Due to increases in tariffs, prices have been bumped slightly to $99 from $89, though Wyze will sell it at the old price for a while after launch, so those who've been waiting don't have to settle for paying more.

Wyze Person Detection "v2" is also making progress, though there's no date outside "soon" promised, and the table provided indicates things are still in alpha.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor, first revealed all the way back in 2018, has entered its 2nd round of testing, following which the company will start manufacturing ahead of a formal early access launch — the wait is almost over.

A new "Wyze Band," which is a smart-home wearable, if you can believe it, was also discussed. In addition to the usual step, sleep, and heart rate tracking, it will come with Alexa built-in and allow you to control Wyze devices with just a tap. Like the Cam Outdoor, it's in beta testing right now, and the company expects to move into early-access launch preparations soon.

The Wyze Scale, which first leaked last summer, is already in production, with an early access launch anticipated for next month. Features include impedance analysis and the obvious weight sensors. Combined with other known metrics, it can calculate approximate body fat percentages, muscle mass, heart rate, and 8 other undefined metrics — though don't expect perfect accuracy.

Wyze is also revealing a Doorbell Cam, which is already in its first round of alpha testing, but the company still has a few things left to fix. Expect a little more time in the oven and one or two more rounds of beta testing, with a vague anticipated launch date of "later this year."