OnePlus has had a difficult time keeping up with system updates and security patches recently, having just updated its 7 Pro with the Open Beta 9 January security patch. Today, OnePlus began rolling out patches to the 7, 7 Pro, and 7T Pro; 7T Pro users have been waiting over 2 months (!) for an update, and while this latest patch is rolling out incrementally to its users, it's expected to be widely available in the coming days.

While this new update doesn't bring the security patch up to February, it addresses some bugs and optimizations, and—as long as you live in India—has some pretty nice quality-of-life improvements.

  • System
    • Optimized the RAM management
    • improved black/blank screen issues with some apps
    • Added the feature to support reminders for privacy alerts
    • Improved system stability and fixed general bugs
    • Updated Android security patch to 2020.1
  • Network (India Only)
    • Integrated the VoWifi registration for the Jio Sim
  • Cloud Service (India Only)
    • Supported synchronization with Notes and Contacts
  • Work-Life Balance (India Only)
    • Optimized message notification
    • Optimized the mode and app selection
    • Added location, calendar, auto-track feature
  • Cricket Scores (India Only)
    • Add Cricket scores as a card in your Shelf for quickest access to live match scores and team updates
OnePlus is making this a staged rollout to its users, noting that a limited number of devices will receive it today, and the availability will ramp up over the next few days. Using a VPN to spoof your location "might not work" it says, as the update is not tied to a region, but rather the device IDs.

The update numbers vary by device and region, bringing the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro to 10.0.4 and the OnePlus 7T to 10.0.7 in the EU and in most global markets. All Indian versions will be updated to 10.3.1.

7T gets it too

OnePlus now says the update is incrementally rolling out to the OnePlus 7T too, as version 10.0.8 for the global version and 10.3.1 for Indian users.

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