Sitting in the cloud, Google’s productivity suite has the big advantage of background updates and feature additions that don’t require user intervention. As part of such a rollout, Google Docs is getting a couple of features that landed first on Gmail and have been tested with a limited group of users. The company yesterday announced that Autocorrect and Smart Compose are now out of beta and will be available to a broader userbase in the coming days.

Similar to that on Gmail, Autocorrect rectifies your misspelled words and shows a gray dotted line as a correction indicator. You can undo these automatic changes by hovering the cursor over the word and clicking ctrl/cmd+Z. You have the option to turn the feature off in the Preferences section under Tools if you're not a fan. It will be available to both G Suite and personal Google account holders, but only on the web version of Google Docs. How long mobile users will have to wait is anybody’s guess. Bear in mind that grammar suggestions aren’t coming to personal accounts with this rollout.

Following an invite-only test phase, Smart Compose is now out of beta, although the availability will remain limited to G Suite accounts with no word on the regular version. On desktop, you can hit the Tab key to accept a contextual suggestion from Smart Compose or choose to ignore it by continuing to type.

Both features are now gradually rolling to their respective target userbase, although Google says that it may take more than a month for everyone to get them.

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