Last year, Google promised that scrolling screenshots were coming to Android R/11, and our friends at XDA Developers have spotted the first signs of the feature in the recent Developer Preview. It isn't enabled and doesn't work (yet), but the first signs of scrolling screenshots are there, hidden inside DP1.

Tweaked screenshot interface with "Extend" button, manually activated (likely via a hidden flag) on Android 11. Image: XDA Developers

Again, this feature doesn't actually work, but parts of its functionality (specifically, the interface) have been implemented and hidden/disabled inside Android 11 already, even if the inner workings are incomplete. With the feature manually enabled (likely via a hidden flag), a new "Extend" option with a downward pointing arrow appears in a distinctly tweaked version of the screenshot dialog.

Tapping it doesn't actually do anything, even with the feature manually enabled. XDA notes they get a pop-up message which warns it's "not implemented!" But presumably, when it does work in a later version of Android 11, it will start capturing a vertically scrolling screenshot. And when that happens, Google's Pixels will finally join the ranks of Samsung and OnePlus by implementing the long-requested feature. (At least it's not "infeasible" anymore.)