Last year, the Android team introduced bubble notifications as a native option as it was developing Android Q. However, as Android Q progressed through various betas, the feature became hidden away within developer settings where it has remained as an experimental feature ever since. Now bubble notifications finally look ready for prime time, as they're being integrated into the core Android 11 experience.

To activate bubble notifications within Android 11, users can navigate to their apps' individual notification settings and check the "Bubbles" toggle on an app-by-app basis. This will then allow designated apps to display notifications inside bubbles that can be moved around, kept on the main screen while completing tasks, and dismissed without effecting the main notification shade. Bubble notifications can also be just as easily disabled by following the same steps.

When the stable build of Android 11 officially launches later this year, users will need to opt in via a permission before bubble notifications are allowed to appear. However, these permissions are disabled in Android 11 Developer Preview 1, allowing early testers to use the new notifications immediately.