You can grab the very first version of Android 11 today. The release timeline is similar to last year, but developers will get a little more support as they prepare for the new release. Google's VP of engineering Dave Burke has also called attention to the new distinction between preview and beta builds.

This year, Google is bringing back the "developer preview" moniker, which it dropped last time in favor of "beta." Now, Google will start with the developer previews before moving on to betas. We'll get three developer previews (like today's release) followed by three betas. The betas are the only versions that will go out via Google's OTA program—we're still a few months out from that. The first beta may well launch at I/O this May.

You can expect an update about once per month going forward. Google says Android 11 will also feature a developer milestone called "Platform Stability." This update will roll out around June (probably the second beta) with final APIs for the SDK and system behaviors to help developers plan for the final release. The last beta release will be out in Q3, followed by the final release.