We've just spotted another tiny tweak in Android 11. Google has added a toggle for increased touch sensitivity in Settings (at least on the Pixel 4), that promises better touch response when using the device through things like screen protectors.

Settings -> Display -> Advanced in Android 10 (left) and Android 11 (Right).

The new toggle appears all the way at the bottom of the expanded "Advanced" section in Settings -> Display, and like the similar setting offered on devices from manufacturers like Samsung, it promises better touchscreen response through screen protectors — it'll probably work better for things like especially thin or capacitive gloves, too, as other similar solutions do.

The toggle is also only present on the Pixel 4, so far as we can tell.

I didn't personally notice a difference when trying to gauge the toggle's effectiveness when trying to use my Pixel 4's screen through other materials, but it could be having a small effect. Time will tell.