One of the worst things your phone can do when you're taking a photo or video is vibrate and ruin your shot or, even worse, blast a notification tone and ruin the entire moment. Well, long-suffering mobile photogs, take a deep breath: Android 11 will include APIs for camera apps to mute those alerting notifications while you're using them.

We saw version 7.3 of Google Camera take initiative specifically from the camera side with a new toggle in the app settings to enable Do Not Disturb mode while you're recording a video.

The new API works a bit differently as the call-out on the Android Developers site tells:

Beginning with Android 11, when actively using the camera, your app can mute only vibrations, both sounds and vibrations, or neither using setCameraAudioRestriction().

That means you're still going to see any toast notifications pop-up and mess with your compositing or fiddling with your ISO. While those notifications arguably justify taking up your screen space no matter what the situation, it remains a small shame. But hey, it's a step forward.

We'd also like to see this or another API extended to audio recording.