Android's notification shade is easily one of the platform's best features, and Google has worked on fine-tuning the processes of interacting with and managing notifications throughout the operating system's development. Now with Android 11, Google is introducing its latest tweak to the notification shade in the form of a catch-all conversation section that should help keep things organized.

While today's new Android 11 preview may not be quite ready for mass consumption, it's brought a slew of new features along with it, including this overhaul to how discussions are handled by notifications. By keeping all the notifications pertaining to ongoing conversations grouped together in one place, they're far less likely to get lost among your other notifications. Conversations will be given precedence over other notifications with a new, permanent home at the top of the shade.

In addition to organizational changes, Android 11 offers a few different ways to interact with conversations. When users long-press on a conversation notification, they'll have their choice of a few new options. Users can transfer the conversation to a notification bubble (another one of Android 11's new features), add a homescreen shortcut directly to the conversation, or earmark the conversation as important.

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