Even though Google has supported using physical keys as two-factor authentication methods for years, the company released its Titan Security Key bundle in 2018 to streamline the process. The original kit came with two keys (one USB Type-A, the other Bluetooth), and Google later started selling a USB Type-C version. Now you can buy both the kit and the Type-C key in more countries.

Google announced in a blog post that availability is expanding for the kit and Type-C key:

Last year, we made the Titan Security Key bundle with USB-A/NFC and Bluetooth/USB/NFC keys available in Canada, France, Japan, the UK, and the US. Starting today, USB-C Titan Security Keys are available in those countries, and the bundle and USB-C Titan Security Keys are now available on the Google Store in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

While it's nice to see the Google-branded keys becoming available in more countries, it was already possible for international folks to get the same level of protection. The USB Type-C key is a branded YubiKey 5C, which is already sold globally, and the original kit bears a strong resemblance to a pair of products by Feitian.

Still, if you live outside 'Murica, and you've been waiting to buy a security key that says 'Titan' on it, now's your chance. You can find our review of the original kit here.